Coronavirus has done emotional and financial damage to individuals. The importance of support for individuals is often underestimated.

Why do individuals need support?

Because Coronavirus has impacted on most of us, it is relatively easy to develop an understanding and empathy for individuals.

Coronavirus has created circumstances beyond our control, such as loss of some personal freedoms or loss of face-to-face contact and interactions with family and friends.

In many cases it has also caused loss of employment and loss of replacement job opportunities. That can lead to anxiety, depression and loss of hope. In turn, that can damage health and mental well-being and increase the risk of suicide.

Why support individuals?

There are numerous benefits and wider adoption of modern technology enables socially distanced support. The economic and social return on investment is substantial. It is relatively easy to achieve considerable impact and outputs.

Main areas of support

The economic recovery strategy that was so successful in Stocksbridge concentrated on 2 main areas of support:

Employment opportunities.

Health and mental well-being

In the current situation, other areas of support to consider are accommodation and personal debt management

Locally driven and locally delivered support

The economic recovery hub can facilitate and co-ordinate online delivery of support for individuals through a single access point or with additional community-based mini hubs.

Employment opportunities

Boosting local businesses will create employment opportunities. Providing access to training or retraining for individuals will increase employment options.

In recent decades, UK employers have taken a short-term view of training and apprenticeships. They prefer to employ people with pre-existing knowledge and skills, rather than provide training.

This culture is particularly damaging to young people and denudes the UK of skilled workers.

Changing the culture will be difficult; but would greatly increase the chances of economic recovery.

We warmly welcome the Government announcement that vocational training will be a higher priority

Health and mental well-being

There are many non-medical techniques and activities that can positively impact on mental health and well-being. National and local charities can offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance with this activity.

First responders such as the police are often in the front-line of dealing with individuals with mental health problems or suicidal intentions. Engaging and co-ordinating a wide range of organisations and providing an access gateway for individuals, can really make a difference.

Individuals can be assisted to rethink their mindset and develop a more positive attitude. By lifting the clouds of anxiety and stepping into mental sunshine, we have seen the lives of individuals transformed.

Together, we can transform your local economy
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