“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”
Milton Berle

Creating a local economic recovery hub – We have the solution

Covid 19 has caused tragic loss of life. It has also caused heart-breaking loss of personal and business livelihood.
Economic Damage.

The economic damage has been more immediate, more severe and more widespread, than any other world event. The response needs to be swift, scalable, cost-effective and high enough quality to achieve immediate success. It needs to be delivered in a Covid-safe way, that is easily accessible for everybody. With so much at stake, there is incredible pressure on people and organisations with responsibility for delivering economic recovery to get it right first time. We offer this tried and tested solution to the problem.

A lesson from the past

Herbert Hoover – engineer, businessman and politician during the Great Depression (1929-1939)” in the USA said: “Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body – the producers and consumers themselves”

The economic cells at the grass-roots of a local economy are individuals and businesses.

Economic damage to individuals and businesses

Individuals and businesses are inter-dependant. Businesses employ individuals and individuals are consumers of the products and services supplied by businesses. How can they be healed?

Elements of the Economic Recovery Strategy

This blueprint will accommodate the needs of any size of community. The hub will be the door of opportunity for your local community. It can be created by almost any public or voluntary/community organisation.

The hub at Stocksbridge was created by a diverse group of local people determined to make a difference to their community. Once they met the requirements of a suitable legal structure and governance, they were accepted as an “Accountable Body” for public funding.

Some organisations may already have an online hub offering some of the services. A review needs to be undertaken to ensure they are scalable, cost-effective and high enough quality for immediate success.

Locally driven and locally delivered

The main purpose of the hub is to facilitate, co-ordinate and enable the strategy to be delivered through a single online access point for individuals and businesses.

Refine and tailor the strategy

Engage local people and organisations to identify specific local needs. The steering group and stakeholders can agree aims and objectives

Create an implementation plan

Beware of misconceptions that can lead to incorrect assumptions.

Local capacity and capability

Review existing local capacity/capability to deliver diverse non-financial support for individuals and businesses. Research how local, regional and national organisations can contribute.

Research suitable private sector providers to augment local capacity/capability. Consider the possibility of using them to train local people and develop longer-term self-sufficiency.


Most services can be delivered online. Is a physical presence required? If the community is large, diverse or geographically widespread, keep it really local and community based with mini-hubs in key locations. Is a short-term lease on an empty high street shop an option? Can local retail or hospitality businesses be boosted by hosting Covid-safe activities?

How can we help?

We are dedicated and committed to successful economic recovery. You can use our experience and know-how at any stage or every stage. We can explode the myths about economic recovery and business support. We can assist with outreach and engagement activities.

We can contribute to online meetings with stakeholders and explain any aspect of the strategy. We have a unique online Business Boost solution that is cost-effective, very high quality and has a track record of phenomenal success. Amidst the economic turmoil, we can be your go-to guide.

You can use our services on-demand, monthly or throughout the programme.

Together, we can transform your local economy.

To arrange video conferencing or to discuss your requirements, please telephone 07624 24 33 11 or email economic.recovery.uk@gmail.com